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If the proposed project is straight forward, we will normally measure up during the initial visit and then draw up a detailed quotation and send to you.  For clarity there may be an outline drawing of the project.  Quotations are free and in most cases this would include any outline drawing.

We will always provide a written quotation or estimate for work we undertake. Again, depending upon the situation this may be for the project, for specific parts of the design, or it may be a day rate or hourly rate. Basically we will work in whichever way you feel comfortable and which fits the work requested.  

Once you have the quotation or estimate, if you would like us to go ahead with the work just call or e-mail us and we will book you in to our schedule. We can give you an approximate commencement date, which we will then firm up as we get closer to starting. Due to the nature of our work, factors such as rain, and 'while you are here can you just..' can upset the best laid plans!

Once we do start your project we are there until finished. We do not come and go like some. Normally you will have the same team working through from beginning to end. They will have copies of any plans and the details from the quotation.  Should they come across any problems, or if you would like any amendments they will discuss the details with you. Any changes or problems with a cost implication will be reported back to the office, and changes agreed with you. We don't like to present you with any unexpected costs in the final bill!